For he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14

Dust is light, fragile, and blows away ever so easily, gets in and on everything, a nuisance we would rather not have to keep cleaning off. We certainly do not enjoy the idea that dust is a fact of life we must deal with on a regular basis.

But, we are no nuisance to our Creator.

For He knows how we are formed.

He remembers we are dust.

He knows not only our outer frames, but the unique, individual soul that lives in each frame. He knows our thoughts, the way we take, our dust-like limits and yet values our lives to the point He priced us, at the exchange for a way to live forgiven, with the life of His own son. Without such a purchase, we would otherwise be separated from Him forever.

Think of it: dust-like. Small, fragile. We do not want to consider ourselves small or fragile. We want to take on the world.

And the idea He knows we are but dust, takes pride in us, wants the best for us, takes responsibility for our lives because He not only loves us, but likes and wants us is unimaginable – yet – we thrive on it.

We know these things because God shares them with us through His Word, through our relationship with Him that He started and secured for us through His son, Jesus.

God’s Economy

Think of all the things we tend to toss out because we believe they are no longer useful. Do we not tend to believe the same about parts of ourselves at times, wanting to disregard places of our lives we are sure God cannot or would never use, similar to what we do with dust?

In God’s economy, He takes what we consider of no value, and does a new thing. We can be encouraged to recall this truth when we do not know what positive outcome could result from the brokenness we go through.

How easy it is to see apparent wastelands in ourselves, or that others point out to us, and automatically cancel out the idea of turning those very things over to God, asking Him if there is anything He would like to do with them?

If God could create the world from nothing, and form man from the dust of the ground, He can certainly do anything with our losses – especially something new, something good.